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Serving Montrealers since 1972

At Fleuriste Coin Vert, we are committed to the satisfaction of all our customers. In this sense, we bet on the quality of our products while offering some of the most competitive prices on the market. Knowing full well that flowers are a luxury, we make sure that this luxury is accessible to all budgets. You will find at the Fleuriste Coin Vert the best prices in Montreal for all floral products. We offer the best freshness, quality and selection of flowers and plants. We also offer a wide variety of floral decoration and preserved flowers.

All the products that are present on our website are our own in-house creations made by our artists-florists. Thus, you will find everything for all occasions. You can also contact us for any request via our special request section or through our email address. We will be happy to find any flowers, plants or other according to your needs. Whether for celebrations, a marriage,a newborn, a birthday, funerals,corporate events or for simple thoughts, we will do everything possible to satisfy you, a click, a call or a visit in shop and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

In addition, the vast majority of the plants we offer are grown in Quebec and are therefore local products. Indeed, when possible, we acquire products that come from North America in an effort to have a low ecological footprint.

Special prices

We also offer special prices for large quantity orders. Thus, if you need a large amount of individual flowers or bouquets, it will be possible for us to make you a special price. However, we will need to be contacted in advance to be able to provide you with several hundred bouquets.