All about roses

The history of the rose

Since the beginning of time, the rose has been part of our lives. Indeed, the first roses date back according to scientists, to nearly 35 million years. At the level of human history, the rose makes its appearance in the first writings of Greek antiquity, especially with Hesiod who demonstrates that it was already appreciated by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Native toCentral Asia,roses have naturally spread throughout the northern hemisphere, but are unable to grow above the equator. Brought to France from the Holy Land during the Crusades, the rose was quietly modified by crossing to be able to resist and cultivate well in the climate of France. It was from this moment that the varieties multiplied and the rose became resistant enough to be used commercially.

Proper care for roses

Roses are flowers that are still quite delicate. When buying or receiving a bouquet of roses, it is important to quickly put the flowers in the water. Ideally, it is advisable to use water at room temperature. Then, to keep them as long as possible, it is important to cut the tips of the stems of each rose every day. It is also very important to change the water every day to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Optionally, you can add a powdered flower preservative to the water which will keep the water free of bacteria for 24 hours and also gives some minerals to the flowers. Normally, you will get the preservative from your florist.

The meaning of the color of roses

The red rose

The red rose is the supreme symbol of love. It represents passion and lasting love. Offer the person for whom you have deep and lasting feelings.

The pink rose

The pink rose has a softer and more nuanced symbolism. It represents affection, kindness, gentleness and fidelity. It is the color of pink that pays tribute to elegance and feminine beauty which makes it an ideal gift to offer to a woman. It can also evoke a feeling of love, but with a much more nuanced meaning than the red rose.

The white rose

The white rose is the symbol of purity, sincerity and innocence. It also represents chaste love, attachment and peace which makes it a color of pink that can be offered on many occasions since its message is not necessarily in love.

The yellow rose

The yellow rose can have several meanings. On the one hand, it symbolizes light, warmth and sun and is ideal for expressing a sense of friendship. However, at the love level, the yellow rose can symbolize betrayal, infidelity or breakup.

Purple rose (lilac)

The purple rose, considered mystical, symbolizes elegance, grace and refinement. It can mean “I’m under your spell, I love you, but I’m too shy to tell you.

The blue rose

First of all, you should know that the blue rose is always a tinted rose since the blue pigment does not exist in its natural state in the rose. That being said, the blue rose symbolizes harmony, trust and affection. It is therefore a rose that can be offered on any occasion.

The orange rose

The orange rose symbolizes joy, fascination, passion and attraction. AT the level of love the orange rose sends a more subtle feeling. In a bouquet, it is usually used sparingly.

The multicolored rose (rainbow)

The multicolored rose is of course also a tinted rose. Being the last color produced, its meaning has not yet been specified. However, its large mix of color is reminiscent of a magical role. In addition, it can easily be associated with everything that returns from the rainbow color.

The meaning of the number of roses

Although color is a big part of the meaning of roses, the number found in a bouquet also has important significance. So by combining the symbolism of color and number, you can pass an even stronger message. Passing the bouquet of ten roses, the even and odd numbers have different meanings. Indeed, odd numbers express, past this number of feelings that are not in love. The importance of the number of roses is used with the red rose. However, you can take inspiration from this meaning to pass a message with the color you prefer.

A rose

Offering a single rose means “I love you” or love at first sight

Two roses

Offering two roses expresses a mutual love or that you are deeply in love with each other. Thus, if you are offered two roses in return for a rose offered, means a desire for commitment.

Three roses

Offering two roses expresses a mutual love or that you are deeply in love with each other. Thus, if you are offered two roses in return for a rose offered, means a desire for commitment.

Six roses

Offering six red roses to the person you love expresses a more thoughtful sense of love. It also means that you always want to be his lover since you have such a passionate love for him or even more than on the first day.

Nine roses

Offering a bouquet of nine roses expresses an eternal love, which you want to stay together for the rest of your lives.

Ten roses

Offering a bouquet of ten red roses means that you find that your relationship is perfect or that the person you love is in your eyes perfect for you.

12 roses

Offering a bouquet of twelve red roses to your loved one shows him total love. It’s also the perfect number if you’re making a marriage proposal.

13 roses

Offering an odd bouquet of 13 roses simply means a beautiful friendly statement. It is also the perfect number to offer secretly say your admiration.

15 roses

Offering a bouquet of 15 roses symbolizes forgiveness. These so the number gave to say that one is sorry and that one asks to be forgiven.

20 roses

Offering a bouquet of 20 red roses means that your feeling of love is very strong, deep and sincere.

24 roses

Offering a bouquet of 24 roses means you think about them all day. The 24 roses symbolize the 24 hours of a day.

40 roses

Offering 40 roses is often used to remind you of your sincere love. So it’s offering a big bouquet for a great feeling.

50 roses

Offering 50 roses is in addition to being visibly a great gesture, usually means unconditional or very significant love.

99 roses

Offering 99 roses simply symbolizes that you will love it until the day you die.

100 roses

Offering 100 red roses is the ultimate symbol of unconditional, passionate and infinite love. It can also mean that you will be passionate about it for the next 100 years.

999 roses

Just like offering a bouquet of 99 roses, this huge number of roses symbolizes the promise of eternal love. However, by its number, it means that your love will last until the end of time.

1001 roses

If you are willing to go beyond 100 roses you can offer a bouquet of 1,001 roses that suggests a love that goes further than anything or has infinity and beyond. However, offering a bouquet with more than 100 roses is more potted roses than a bouquet. Although it is not practical given the size, it is not impossible and it is a gift that your lover will never forget.