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It is customary to send flowers for a funeral to the families of the deceased to show them our sympathy during the loss of a loved one. Anxious to offer you the best possible service in these painful times. We guarantee that our funeral arrangements will be in accordance with your request and delivered on time.

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Bouquet assorties – Assortiment de saison - Fleuriste Coin Vert | Montréal

Assorted bouquet – Seasonal assortment

35.00 $

The wonderful assorted bouquet Seasonal flower includes daisies, mini rose, mini carnation and solidago. It is complemented by stems of ferns.

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Blue rose

35.00 $220.00 $

Beautiful blue pink.

You will receive 60 cm blue roses with baby sigh and greenery as an accompaniment to your bouquet of roses.

Please change the water, cut the tips of the stems and add a small amount of flowering condoms (included) to the water every day to help preserve the bouquet of blue roses.

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Bouquet champêtre – Champêtre & cie

40.00 $80.00 $

The ‘Complementary Country’ flower bouquet is a country bouquet with a complementary colour gradient. It includes mainly white roses, bells of Ireland and hypericum. It is complemented by greenery or stems of monstera, ruscus and solidago.

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Bouquet of country – Pink and greenery

19.99 $59.97 $

The bouquet of flowers ‘Rose and greenery’ is a country bouquet where greenery is highlighted. It is composed in particular of blue and white rose as well as the stems of ferns, ruscus and silver cinerary.

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Bouquet of flowers – Altitude

45.00 $90.00 $

Choose your budget and one of our artisan florists will take care of making a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers for you.

This sumptuous bouquet of flowers arranged in height is composed of mufliers, lilies, gerberas and lisianthus. In addition, it is accompanied by baby sigh and several types of greenery that perfectly complement this bouquet.

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Bouquet of flowers – Amalgam of spring

50.00 $100.00 $

This beautiful bouquet is a great mix of spring flowers. It is mainly composed of daisies, lilies and wax flowers. It is also accompanied by several types of greenery including fern, eucalyptus and solidago that completes the bouquet of flowers.

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Bouquet of flowers - Autumn - Florist Green Corner | Montreal

Bouquet of flowers – Autumn

25.00 $

The beautiful bouquet of flowers L’autumn includes gerbera,daisy, carnations and hypericum. It is completed by tiki stems.

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Bouquet of flowers – Autumn shade

45.00 $90.00 $

This sumptuous bouquet includes flowers with shades of autumn color. You will find flowers in a tone ranging from yellow to red accompanied by white lisianthus. It is mainly composed of daisy, gerberas and roses accompanied by baby sigh and greenery.

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Bouquet of flowers – Blue and purple

40.00 $80.00 $

This splendid bouquet of flowers is composed of roses and blue chrysanthemum, purple daisy as well as a stem of liatris and muflier.

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Bouquet of flowers – Dozen gerberas

40.00 $

This wonderful bouquet of flowers is composed of 12 gerberas of matching colors. It is complemented by stems of aspidistra, tiki, solidago and baby’s sigh as greenery.

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Bouquet of flowers – Garden of the world

35.00 $75.00 $

The ‘Garden of the World’ flower bouquet is a matching bouquet of flowers from different countries. It is created mainly from chrysanthemum, gerberas, lilies, daisies, gala and hypericum. It is accompanied by a monstera leaf and ruscus as greenery.

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Bouquet of flowers – Gerbera arrangement

24.99 $

This beautiful bouquet is designed with an assortment of gerbera. It includes six gerberas of various colors. It is accompanied by a lot of greenery either aspidistra stems, tiki, solidago, pittosporum and baby sigh.

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Funeral arrangements, our specialty.

The Fleuriste Coin Vert specializes in funeral compositions. We offer all types of arrangements from the greatest classics to the latest trends. We are also able to carry out any tailor-made thematic arrangements. If you have an idea, we can make it happen!

How to choose the right funeral arrangement?

To be able to choose the perfect funeral arrangement, you must first evaluate your connection with the deceased person and his family as well as the flowers that are for you the most beautiful or significant. All of these things will ensure that you will not choose the same type of funeral flower arrangement.

The classic forms:

Classic shapes like hearts, crowns and crosses are still among the most popular funeral products today. Still appreciated today, they are also often offered since it was very popular and loved by several generations who unfortunately leave us quietly. They are also achievable in several quantities.

The wreath of flowers:

A wreath of flowers is a conical-shaped floral arrangement that can be presented flat or standing (from the front) on a flower stand. Flower wreaths are usually used in more religious ceremonies or in cemeteries.

The coffin cushion:

The coffin cushion is a composition of cut flowers that are pricked into a floral foam and is designed to be placed on a coffin. Elegant and can be imposing, it is important to ensure that there is only one at the ceremony.

Simpler compositions:

For a simpler composition, you can also offer a bouquet for funeral or a plant. These compositions have the advantage of being able to be brought home after the ceremony. Among the most popular, we find the white bouquets and at the level of the plants, the lily of peace.

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