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Shop the latest Valentine's Day flower trends online at Fleuriste Coin Vert, where we offer a wide variety of styles for all tastes. Use our menu and filters to find the flowers you want.

Why a bouquet of flowers?

The ideal atmosphere or gift is obtained with a bouquet of fresh flowers and the Green Corner Florist is the place where you will find the widest variety of flowers and the latest current trends. Whatever your mood, budget or style, we have the perfect flowers for you. Find your bouquet of favorite flowers at an incredible price by buying your flowers at the Green Corner Florist.

How to choose the right bouquet of flowers?

Since every occasion has its bouquet of flowers, it can become difficult to make a choice. Although it is often easier to choose according to our tastes or those of the person to whom we give the flowers, there are some must-haves. Indeed, bouquets of flowers composed of a single color or monochrome colors are bouquets that captivate the eye with the intensity of their unique color. They are thus bouquets that have a stronger symbolism.

Indeed, giving flowers in one tone gives a stronger meaning to your gift. For example, red flowers have a strong connotation and evoke passion or love. The white flowers represent purity and emphasize the beauty of the person receiving them. Yellow flowers reflect luxury, success and prosperity while pink flowers symbolize tenderness.

There are also the multicolored bouquets of flowers that allow you to express your feelings in a wonderful mix of colors. In addition, thanks to the multiple kinds of greenery that make up these bouquets, the colors, shades and contrasts are strong which gives wonderful bouquets of flowers that will brighten your day.

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