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The wedding, a magical day filled with happiness and flowers!

For this special day, the Florist Le Joli Coeur offers bouquets and tailor-made arrangements. Our experienced artisan florists will offer you unique and original creations accessible to all budgets.

We create all types of floral decorations for weddings:

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Boutonnière for the groom
  • Bouquet to launch
  • Buttonholes for groomsmen
  • Bouquet for brides and women
  • Women’s bodice
  • And all the other floral creations you want.

We also offer you the decoration of your room in order to ensure that this day, your day, is perfect.

We will therefore accompany you throughout the process to ensure that your floral decoration is in your image with the most beautiful and fresh flowers. So our creations will match your theme and finalize the atmosphere you want.

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Being often very busy when you are preparing for your wedding. This will save you time since our artisan florists will have prepared examples of bouquets and a quote before you arrive at the shop. It is also possible to confirm the date of visit by phone if you are not sure of your availability.

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