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Succulents, with their superb geometric, round or pointed shapes as well as their multitude of colors and their often two-tone appearance make it a very charming plant. They are also plants that are excessively easy to maintain and that adapt to all styles of arrangement, as much in pot, terrarium or suspended.

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Quick information:

Plants called “succulents” are not a family of plants. Rather, it represents a set of plants that, like cacti, have managed to adapt to the most arid conditions by accumulating water in their leaves, stems and roots. These are more precisely the thornless succulents.

Location and temperature:

Given the wide variety of succulents, its location can vary enormously. However, most succulents require maximum light and sunshine without being burned by the sun. It is an ideal plant to place on the sill of a window however you must be careful since some type of glass can accentuate the sun’s rays and seriously burn the plant.

It is a type of plant that loves warm temperatures, but it must absolutely have a period of rest. Coming very often from deserts, they can withstand temperatures between 7 and 29 ° C (45 to 85 ° F).


Although succulents are able to withstand periods of drought, it is best to water them on a regular basis. The important thing is to let the earth become dry between waterings. Normally watering will be weekly and less during the winter. It is also very important that the water drips well so that the roots do not remain submerged. You can also simply soak the bottom of the pot in a water tank and let the plant absorb the water it needs.


Repotting is essential if you want your plant to bloom again. The older and larger the plant, the more repotting is needed. In the early stages, repotting every 2 or 3 years is enough. Then it depends on the size of the shrub. When repotting, choose a pot with a slightly larger diameter and make sure that the bottom of the pot is pierced. Be careful, repotting in a pot that is too large will cause the roots to get lost in the soil and the plant may die.